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J. Hampstead EBO

About J. Hampstead EBO

European fashion with an Indian style statement

Inspired by the 200 year old art of bespoke tailoring, J. Hampstead – A Different League is known for exceptional quality for exceptional individuals who crave to create a new world. With edgy cuts, designs and an innovative colour palette, it redefines norms and is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Building quality into a cove product is vital. That is precisely the reason why J. Hampstead – A Different League enjoys a better market share. The brand is the epitome of style, persona, and class. Formal White Shirts is specifically crafted for young men as one of the most sought-after fashion brands, meeting the aspirations of the discerning Indian consumers with its high-quality worsted fabric made from highly cherished long and lustrous wool fibers.

The brand also excels in the market of premium apparels that defines style and elegance across LFS, MBOs.


  • Trusted Brand Name
  • Premium Suiting & Shirting Fabrics & Apparel Under One Roof
  • Customized Tailoring
  • Superior Consumer Experience
  • Backed by one of the most trusted company in India

Criterias to become a franchisee

Shall be strictly in consent of the Parent Company and as per brand rules and regulations.



  • Franchise fee Rs.1 lakh and 5 blank cheques.
  • Broadband internet facility to be provided by the Franchise.
  • Purchase shall be purely on Cash And Carry basis/Advance Payment.
  • Necessary cash discounts shall be provided to the franchise as applicable
  • Reports to be provided by the Franchise in the format as per approved format
  • All expenses pertaining to Freight, Insurance, Taxes, Octroi and Levies to be borne by Franchise for RMG. For fabric door delivery, in case the franchise insists on his transport preference, the cost shall be borne by the Franchise.
  • J. Hampstead – A Different League shall have full ownership of all intellectual property, i.e., brand, know-how, manuals, etc.
  • All goods shall be bought by Franchise on an outright basis and Franchise Shall be actively involved in the store/showroom operations, including its performance and growth.
  • Turnover incentive as per company policy .

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