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Yarns - Siyaram's


Where dreams are tailored - A Bespoke Atelier - Siyaram's

Where dreams are tailored - A Bespoke Atelier

Siyaram's journey began with a vision and a dream that transformed ideas into woven textiles. Carefully selecting yarn fibres and weaving them into soft, premium and luxurious fabrics is the core of all Siyaram's functions.

Over time, Siyaram’s has established a strong foothold internationally and is revered for its fabrics globally.

Siyaram’s has been providing finest quality fabrics to reputed brands across the globe, namely, NEXT, M&S, BURTONS, TOPMAN, TOPSHOP, PERRY ELLIS, TARGET, CALVIN KLEIN, KENNETH COLE and EXPRESS.

Siyaram's evolving portfolio is a testament of the quality and strength that we weave into each fabric we manufacture.

The pinnacle of creativity, with infinite possibilities

The new Indigo innovation at Siyaram's

An age-old dyeing technique, American technology, and a touch of innovation resulted in Siyaram's Rope Dyeing metiér at the Amravati plant in 2018.

With the Morrison Rope Dyeing Machine, continuous dyeing and washing chambers, and 10 bath dyeing with 16 metre open oxidation spaces - make home for the finest quality rope dyed indigo yarns.

Why choose Siyaram’s Rope Dyed indigo yarns?

  • Uniformity in colour
  • Greater Depth ham
  • Better Weaving & Knitting performance
  • Better for knitting to get streak free quality
  • Enhanced versatility of designs & patterns
  • Rope-Dyed with ‘Peak washer’ for a cleaner surface of yarn
  • More porous yarn for comfort in fabrics

Indigo yarn product range:

  • 100% Cotton Indigo Dyed Yarn
  • Cotton-Poly Blended Indigo Dyed Yarn
  • Cotton/Lycra Indigo Dyed Yarn
  • Cotton Slub Yarn Indigo Dyed Yarn
  • Fancy Indigo Dyed Yarn
  • Viscose/Excel/Tencel Indigo Dyed Yarn

Siyaram’s has been committed to its responsibility towards the environment. The Indigo yarn factory is facilitated with well-equipped ETP, all the chemicals, dyes & effluents are treated effectively before being discharged from the factory. The discharged water is further treated in central ETP and reused for gardening and maintaining the industrial estate.

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