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Siyaram's Suitings And Shirtings - Siyaram's

Siyaram's Suitings And Shirtings

At Siyaram’s, adorn the passion of excellent clothing

Suitings - Siyaram's


Being at the forefront of the fashion revolution for the last four decades, Siyaram’s has redefined suiting quality, comfort, & finesse of best-suiting fabric quality in India.

The superior yarns, super fine polyesters, and rich fibres that undergo world class finishing processes have resulted in producing exemplary and world-renowned suiting fabrics. The ultimate crease recovery, impeccable fall, as well as enhanced lustre and porosity make the suiting fabrics supremely comfortable and the first choice for India’s young trendsetters.

Siyaram’s suiting fabrics are as befitting for a boardroom meeting as they are for a sophisticated soiree or a men's suits for reception.

The blend of culture and modernity gives Siyaram’s suiting an edge over its contemporaries.


Siyaram’s shirting fabrics house the widest collection of P.V., linen, 100% cotton and cotton linen fabrics in an appealing range of colours, with over 2000 alluring designs every month and an undying promise of globally acclaimed quality.

Siyaram’s shirting is a manifestation of the blend of comfort, elegance and avant-garde fashion.

Luxurious shirting in fine cotton and silk fabrics that transcend formal and casual outfits.

Every unique experience begins with a thought, then all you need is to find a Siyaram’s shop. Enter into a world of incomparable luxury and personalisation. The Siyaram’s Shop is home to an exquisite assortment of menswear, spread across 180+ premium locations all over the country

Shirtings - Siyaram's

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