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Translating Dreams

The realisation of a dream is limited by nothing but the imagination.

It starts with a dream…
…and a creation is born. It could be a childhood dream, a crazy dream, or a dream of a lost object. A dream of one’s own.

Siyaram’s artistic directors, craftsmen, master tailors and artisans, translate a desire. Little by little, the dream comes together, takes shape, becoming a sketch, a plan, a mock-up. The teams select exceptional materials, refine the design, develop the prototype, and make it real.

This is how each Siyaram’s product is manufactured, true to the vocation of the house. Siyaram's spirit is present in the high standards, boldness and imagination.

India's largest producer of blended high fashion textiles and apparel, Siyaram’s world class manufacturing plants at Tarapur, Daman, Silvassa & Amravati are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge textile technologies sourced from around the globe, producing over 95 million metres of fabric and 5 million garments annually.

Our plant in Amravati, is the first-of-its-kind in India to import MDS Spectrum™ Rope Dye Systems using the Morrison Textile Machinery, from the U.S.


Weaving machines are equipped with the latest staubli selvedge name writing jacquard machines.

Warping section hosts Bromas (Robotic), Karl Mayer and Benninger (Switzerland) - Siyaram's

Warping section hosts Bromas (Robotic), Karl Mayer and Benninger (Switzerland)

Weaving technology like Rapier: Picanol (Belgium) and Dornier (Germany), Projectile: Sulzer Textile (Switzerland), Airjet: Toyoda (Japan) - Siyaram's

Weaving technology like Rapier: Picanol (Belgium) and Dornier (Germany), Projectile: Sulzer Textile (Switzerland), Airjet: Toyoda (Japan)

Manufacturing - Siyaram's

We are equipped with a processing unit, & a finishing unit & have also incorporated hi-tech finishing machines like Super Velox and Combisoft (Italy) for Worsted Rich Fabric and Airo Finish for Linen and Wool.

Our processing unit is equipped to process a variety of fabrics with special finishes including LAD, Moisture Management, Wrinkle Free, Teflon Coating, Mechanical Stretch, Peach Skin, Nano Dry, Nano Pel, Easy Care Finish, Water Repellent Finish, Soil Release Finish, Hydrophilic Finish, Antibacterial Finish, Crease Resistance Finish.

While we provide our products with style and comfort, we are also wholly committed to the safety of our customers. To promise safety and unmatched quality, all our fabrics are made using eco-friendly chemicals and go through stringent quality checks at every stage.

Manufacturing - Siyaram's

Design Studio

What is your dream?

Each dream is unique, as is the translation done by our teams, the vision of the creative teams, the nobility of the materials and the confident, patient and meticulous skills of the craftsmen. We maintain the highest standards for materials, perfect lines, and extreme precision in details.

Our in-house Design Studio with textile designers who have mastered their art through years of practice, work round-the-clock to create aesthetic designs with superior comfort.

Our R&D department unites innovative technical textiles with the needs of the man of today.

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