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Siyaram’s Shop - Siyaram's

Siyaram’s shop

Siyaram’s Shop

Superlative fashion experience for the evolving individual - Siyaram's

Superlative fashion experience for the evolving individual

Enter into a world of incomparable luxury and personalisation. The Siyaram’s Shop is home to an exquisite assortment of menswear, spread across 180+ premium locations all over the country.

Every shop is a Siyaram’s own brands’ outlet bringing multiple brands under one roof. Brands like Siyaram’s, J. Hampstead, Oxemberg, Cadini.

Every store is also home to a bespoke tailoring experience, under the name Tailor Fit. One that is entirely individual and deeply personal, tailored to each person’s creativity. Every formal suit of an individual at Siyaram’s Tailor Fit is offered an experience as limitless as their imagination, where their style and way of life are woven into every aspect of their clothing and accessories.

Interested in having your own Siyaram’s Shop?
For your own Siyaram’s franchise, you will need:
An area of 700 sq.ft. or more in a high-street, mall or commercial complex, with good visibility, accessibility and frontage of a minimum 15 ft.

Become a part of the legacy.
Contact us for your Siyaram’s Franchise today.

For details, call or email:
Contact: 02230400500/542

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