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Knitting threads of class and couture

The warmth of culture and style dwell harmoniously at Siyaram’s.

After becoming one of the global leaders in textile industry,

Siyaram’s has established a strong foothold internationally and is revered for its fabrics in UK, Europe, North America, Latin America, Gulf countries and South-East Asia. There’s a remarkable sale of about a million meters of fabric every month to the esteemed brands of the world in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Egpyt and Ethiopia. Unwavering reliability and uncompromising quality of the fabrics have paved way to the phenomenal success of Siyaram’s across the globe.

Some of the most reputed brands, namely NEXT, M&S, BURTONS, TOP MAN, TOP SHOP, PERRY ELLIS, TARGET, CALVIN KLEIN, KENNETH COLE and EXPRESS, amongst the rest have been using the fabrics provided by Siyaram’s. The evolving customer base is a testament to the quality and strength that are unique to the brand.


A diverse range of products by Siyaram’s caters to fashion, core and uniform applications for men and women. Here’s an exhaustive list of the product range:

  • Poly/Viscose Fiber Dyed Fabrics.
  • Poly/Viscose/Spandex Dyed Fabrics in mono-stretch and bi-stretch.
  • Fiber Dyed Poly/Viscose Fabrics for suit separates.
  • Poly/Viscose/Cotton Fabrics.
  • Poly/Viscose/Linen Fabrics.
  • Poly/Wool and Poly/Viscose/Wool Fabrics.
  • Jacquard Fabrics for women’s wear and men’s wear fashion applications
  • Fabrics in various blends with special and performance finishes like Flannel, Antimicrobial, Moisture Wicking, Wrinkle Resistant, Oil and Water Repellant and Anti Odour.
  • Poly/Viscose Fabrics in Rigid and Stretch with recycled polyester.

Design & Development

Siyaram’s strength lies in its exemplary design and development capabilities. A team of talented designers have architected a design studio that houses seasonal collections, namely Spring (Summer) and Fall (Winter), which are presented to the buyers during the respective seasons. Siyaram’s has a designated Italian design consultant who teams up with the designers to exhibit a trendy and contemporary collection with varied designs, patterns and colours. Any feedback and suggestions from the buyers are incorporated by the designers in their succeeding collection. The design and development department is supported by a comprehensive desk loom and yardage weaving facility with single end warping machines and looms. The designers keep up with the latest trends and fashion dynamics by attending textile fairs and visiting high-end fashion stores across the world.

Knit to embed joy, love and culture

Indigo Dyed Yarn

The New Indigo Innovation by Siyaram's

Siyaram’s ventured into Indigo Rope Dyed yarn business in 2018 at Amravati, near Nagpur, Maharashtra. Indigo dyes have been used for thousands of years by civilizations all over the world to naturally dye their fabrics blue. Indigo, before being synthesised, is extracted from plants. The colour seems even more attractive after the fabric is washed and bleached.

Morrison Rope Dyeing Machine renders a touch of American technology to Siyaram’s. The continuous dyeing & washing chambers improves the depth of colour and the uniformity of shade, resulting in an enhanced weaving and knitting performance. The 10 bath dyeing with 16 metre high open oxidization space elevates the quality of indigo yarn.

Exceptional features of Siyaram’s Rope Dyed Yarn

  • Uniformity in colour & quality in all packages
  • Greater Depth
  • Better Weaving & Knitting performance
  • Better for knitting to get streak free quality
  • Enhanced versatility of designs & patterns
  • Rope-Dyed with ‘Peak washer’ for a cleaner surface of yarn
  • More porous yarn for comfort in fabrics

Our Indigo Product Range:

  • 100% Cotton Indigo Dyed Yarn
  • Cotton-Poly Blended Indigo Dyed Yarn
  • Cotton/Lycra Indigo Dyed Yarn
  • Cotton Slub Yarn Indigo Dyed Yarn
  • Fancy Indigo Dyed Yarn
  • Viscose/Excel/Tencel Indigo Dyed Yarn

Siyaram’s has been committed to their responsibility towards the environment. The Indigo yarn factory is facilitated with well-equipped ETP, where all the chemicals, dyes & effluents are treated effectively before being discharged from factory. The discharged water is further treated in central ETP and reused for gardening and maintaining the industrial estate.

About Siyaram's

Siyaram’s Silk Mills Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, committed to creating world-class fabrics for the fashion forward trendsetters.

For four decades now, their bespoke men’s wear fashion has been synonymous with high quality, continuous innovation and iconic futuristic designs which are local at heart and international in appeal.

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