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Men’s guide to seasonal wardrobe transitions

As the day’s shift from being cool and pleasant to hot and humid, it’s you who has to suffer the heat and change your dressing style to match the weather. It’s the time to prepare yourself to be uber cool in this hot weather and keep up with fashion at the same time. Here are some easy ways you can look and feel cool in the summers.


The most important aspect when it comes to beating the heat is the fabric you choose. Just like you choose certain materials to keep you warm in winters, it’s the fabric that will help you keep cool in summers. Cotton makes it to the top of the list when it comes to choosing the correct fabric. For starters, cotton doesn’t stick to your body if you sweat. And even if you choose to wear dark colours in the summer (at your own risk), you can choose cotton and it will not disappoint. Another classic option is linen. Linen will make you stand out and add elegance to your look. You can opt for Linen pants and a cotton shirt or vice versa and be a part of the fashion club that never goes out of style. These fabrics are your best options, so pick them and stay in fashion while ready to face the heat.

summer fabrics

fabrics for summer


Now that you’ve chosen the fabrics that will keep you cool, let’s add some colour to these fabrics. It’s time you put back all the winter colours in the closet i.e. the dark blues, dark greens, greys and blacks and put your lighter coloured clothes into use. Colours like yellow, light green, light blue, off whites and whites should be worn. These colours are more likely to help you survive the heat than darker hues. You can also go bold with bright shades such as orange, purple and red. These shades add colour to your look and are also simple hacks for fighting the sun’s heat.

shirt colours for summer

Simple Pairing

The classic polo T-shirt and shorts can be your casual look for this summer. You can also pair them up with chinos if shorts are not your thing. Chinos are the best pick in terms of multi-occasion wear whether it be clubbing on a Saturday night or just catching a film with friends. When it comes to shorts and three-fourths, lighter colours like beige, light brown, blue and white are advisable. These colours can be easily matched with any colour t-shirt you opt for and remember, you can never go wrong with a light coloured shirt. That is the plus point with light colours; they always look good. So, if you want to wear a shirt or T-shirt, trousers or shorts, the light coloured options will help you beat the sun and also keep up with the trends.

summer office look

summer casuals for men

Office Looks

When it comes down to going to work everyday in the burning heat you either have to sit covered in sweat at work or carry another pair of clothes. So your respite can be the right fabrics and the colours you pick. As discussed earlier, cotton is your best friend when it comes surviving the heat. Linen is another material that will add to your style quotient. They are classy and will make you stand out in the room. The best part is, you can combine both these fabrics and stay comfortable. So, if you have a meeting to go for, pick the linen/cotton combination and strike the deal.

Now that you know what colours and fabrics to choose from, you are ready for the summers and also up-to-date with the latest trends. So, don’t be the person who cribs or worries about the heat; step out and enjoy the summers in style.



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