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Choosing The Perfect Outfit This Party Season

Who doesn’t like the month of December? With the year ending and the many parties to attend, and with this comes the question ‘What should I wear?’ Putting together a perfect outfit for each party can be a little taxing as everyone wants to look their best. To make sure that you look your finest this festive season, we have put together a guide that will help you decide your attire according to each occasion.  

The Black Tie Event

A classic well-tailored tux is the best attire you can wear to such events. When dressing for a Black Tie event, make sure that your black three-piece tux is well fitted. A bulky suit or a very loose one will spoil the entire ensemble. Your white shirt can either be a single pleat or a double pleat. You can always experiment with your bow tie, but the most worn colour is black. Wearing a cummerband is optional if you are not wearing a waistcoat. Do keep in mind that your cummerband should match the colour of your bowtie. Complete your look with an elegant white pocket square and cufflinks. Lastly, no look is complete without well-polished shoes. A black leather pair will do the trick in this case. Make sure you are well-groomed when wearing this attire. If you are not comfortable going clean shaven, then make sure that your beard is trimmed well.

The Office Party

Your office party attire will depend on the dress code of the party. For a less formal look try pairing your light t-shirts or sweaters with your formal trousers and a smart jacket. Make sure your t-shirts complement the jacket. You can always accessorize your jacket with a simple pocket square. To add more elegance to this look, make sure your formal shoes are well polished.

Casual Get-Togethers

You can loosen the reins for this outfit. A plain shirt paired with casual trousers will do the trick. You can add a quirky bow tie or even suspenders to enhance your look. Since winter is here, layered clothing is back in trend. Try pairing a navy blue sweater with your white oxford shirt and a smart charcoal grey blazer over it. So even if it gets a little warm you can always remove the above layers and still have a complete independent outfit.

The most important thing to remember is that you should be comfortable in whatever you wear. Do make sure that you are well groomed and that your hair is styled and beard trimmed accordingly, to match the look. You can always accessorize your looks with a well-matched belt and proper shoes. Let us know which look you like in by commenting below. You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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5 reasons why you should choose “Ready Made Formal Wear”

Men often get stumped by the choices – readymade or tailor made – when it comes to formal wear. While the people who swear by tailor-made clothes will always have something against them, we’re here to break the myths and the reputation surrounding readymade clothes.

So here are 5 reasons why Ready Made Formal wear is definitely an option to consider!

1) Wide Variety of Designs
Choosing the right make of fabric and design can be a daunting task when selecting fabrics for formal wear. This trouble is more or less avoided when one opts for readymade outfits since they are updated with every season, keeping in mind current fashion trends. Age old patterns like checkered, pinstripes for shirts are always re-invented and given a contemporary look. So all you have to do is choose a style that suits your taste!

2) Made for Everyone.
Manufacturers have realised the importance of customizing for the masses, and for this, they have introduced various fits in shirts, trousers and other items of clothing. Shirts are now available in styles such as Slim Fit and Regular Fit and are comfortable and accentuate your body type in the most subtle way possible.

3) Lower Wait Times – Perfect for those in a hurry
While nothing can come close to bespoke suits that are crafted to meet each and every minute detail specified by you, you will often come across moments in life when you require something very fast. The long process of getting yourself a custom-made suit just won’t cut it for you. Then what?! Cancel Events? NO! A readymade suit with minor alterations can do the trick!

4) Know exactly what you’re getting
While for a lot of men, the wait might not be a huge deal, fair enough! But let’s not forget about the fact that, there will always be a level of uncertainty of how the clothes will turn out to be after they are stitched. While a lot of people may have trusted tailors that they have known for years, some may move cities or localities and end up hunting for a tailor that suits them again. If you find yourself in a situation like this, walk into one of our Siyaram’s Store and experience our Tailor Fit services for clothes with an exemplary fit.
If time is the enemy, opt for something off the rack. With readymade clothes, one knows what exactly he is getting and there is always someone at the store who will give you an opinion about the choice you are making.

5) Economical
Last but not the least, contrary to popular belief, readymade clothes are not more expensive than bespoke wear. If nothing, it is usually cheaper or at par with your tailor-made formal outfits. Investing in yourself is one of the most important things and, spending your hard earned money wisely is of utmost importance.
So these were a few reasons to prefer readymade formal wear over a custom stitched one. However, at the same time we need to understand that readymade clothing also cannot be trusted blindly, hence, it is really important to understand the fabrics of the brand you are making your purchase from.
With Siyaram’s you can get the best of both worlds with the readymade clothing we offer, so you can be sure of receiving the best quality of fabrics, and a bang for your buck! Be sure to check out our range of readymade clothing from J.Hampstead and Oxemberg along with those from our fashion partners Cadini. We have something for everyone.
So where do your preferences lie? Tailor-made or readymade clothes. Let us know on our Facebook page!

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Men’s Trends at The Oscar’s 2017

There were plenty of clear wins at the 89th Academy Awards, but we’re not here to declare winners. We’re here to discuss the trends that we saw at the Awards. This year has been remarkable with certain fashion trends being unfollowed along with some inspiring design and fashion interpretations. Continue reading

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Choosing the right suits and fabrics for Autumn

With the wedding season all set to start, your suit will symbolise sophistication and will give you the perfect chance to showcase your personal style. Choosing the right suits and fabrics for Autumn a suit is no easy task, but as soon as you arrive at the decision, great, but how often do we opt for materials based on the climatic conditions of where we live of buying a new suit, the choice of the fabric should be crystal clear. Now, all-season suits arrive or, the weather in which we could be wearing them?

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How to sport one suit in five different styles

Looking stylish and up-to-date is a universal want. However, that doesn’t always mean we have to purchase new clothes. It isn’t always practical to go out and buy clothes before every event or an important day. We often forget about the clothes we have in our wardrobe that can be experimented with to attain a sophisticated look.

Everyone has at least one suit, but very rarely do they wear it. How often have you thought of using that one suit for different looks? For most people, suits are worn once or twice a year when a special event comes along, but a suit can be styled more ways than one! Here’s how one suit can be utilised effectively to get five different looks, pairing it with clothes you will easily find in your wardrobe.

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Italian Heritage in Design

You must have heard the word ‘fashion capital’ tons of times. Do you know what it means?
It’s simple; it’s a city that has a major influence on international fashion trends. A city that is way ahead in fashion and design than the rest. The world over, there are mainly four cities that are considered as the ‘BIG FOUR’ among fashion capitals and Milan, Italy, is one of them.
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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Wearing a Suit

We believe that a suit is the best thing a man can ever wear, but, if not worn right it can result in a complete disaster. Anybody can put on a suit, but a man should know how to wear it perfectly. You don’t need to buy an expensive suit to get it right, just follow a simple list of do’s and don’ts; the basics of putting on a suit.

Never touch over-sized suits (Or even under-sized ones for that matter)
Your suit should be yours. It shouldn’t look like you’ve borrowed one from your dad or you’re trying to squeeze into your brother’s party suit. Your aim is to look smart and polished, something only a perfect suit (your size) will give you. It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, lean or stout, the suit should fit you perfectly. We suggest you avoid picking one up from a rack and visit a professional tailor instead and see the difference yourself.

Suits for your Style Continue reading

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Men’s guide to tailor-made suit style | Siyaram Blog

We love bespoke suits to no extent, and every man wants that one suit which brings out the best in him and sets him apart from the rest. One that can be worn on special occasions or business meetings and will always make heads turn. This reason alone is enough to include a few tailor-made suits in your wardrobe.

A ludicrous fact is that most men who shop for suits end up visiting high-end boutiques and purchase them because of the brand name rather than the quality. Even then, that suit may rarely fit you well. Instead, for those special occasions when something off-the-rack will not do, invest in a tailor-made suit that fits you well.

Classic Stylish Suits

Classic Stylish Suits to suit your style

Let’s make this task easy for you. Follow these simple steps to get your hands on the best piece.

Step 1: Find a Reliable Tailor
Wondering where to find such a tailor? Don’t worry. They can be easily sought in stores where you buy your suit material. For e.g. most Siyaram’s Shops have the Tailor Fit Service where you can get a high-end bespoke suit. If this doesn’t work out, then turn to friends, family and colleagues. Ask around a bit, gather information and pick out the best.

Step 2: Select your Fabric
Right after you’ve found yourself a reliable tailor, the next step is getting fabric. Buy a fabric of your choice. Be sure of your choice. You might want to take a second opinion before the final purchase and the last opinion should be of the tailor. Ensure that you buy enough fabric, and don’t compromise on the quality.

Step 3: Talk to the Tailor
Your tailor will take all the required measurements. Even though the tailor has created numerous suits, it is important to maintain an open communication with him at all phases of your suit’s fabrication. Ask questions, give feedback. In short, be clear about how the final piece will look so that you don’t end up being disappointed. Mention even the tiniest of details like how would you want your suit to fall on your shoulders, waist, shoes, etc.

Step 4: Decide on the Style

How should the suit appear? Should it be two-buttoned or three-buttoned? These little confusions are typical. Gather information about ongoing trends. Search magazines and find what designs are trendy and stylish. Maybe even cut out a magazine image. In case you don’t really follow fashion trends, go for a classic suit. Discuss your requirements with the tailor. A tailor can also tell you what best complements your body type and flatters your size.

Step 5: Customize it

Tailored suits offer great scope for adding personal touches to make your suit look genuine and unique. Discuss these with the tailor to make your suit even more appropriate.

Step 6: Ultimate fitting

The suit is ready now. Meticulously check every minute detail. Don’t be reluctant about asking for little adjustments. Remember, YOU are paying for the suit. Ensure everything fits you in the desired way. The tailor will personally observe each and every bit of the suit to make sure it fits you perfectly, but you should do your bit to be on the safe side. If you are not content with the appearance, you might want the tailor to reconsider some bits. Take along a fashion forward friend that knows about suits to avoid tunnel vision during the various fittings.

Tailored-made Suits

Tailored-made Suits for every formal occasion

And there you have it, the essence of tailored suits- its uniqueness. You wouldn’t need to have it altered several times before it fits you perfectly. All these little perks definitely override buying a popular brand name.