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6 Types of bags for office going men

Bags are an essential for every office going man. These bags need to be handy and convenient enough to carry most of your basic amenities such as a mobile phone, charger and documents. These bags need to match your office style as well. When it comes to a work bag, fashion means staying minimal yet allowing the item serve its sole purpose, besides it being appropriate for your workplace.

To save you the hassle of going through different styles available, we’re here to help you make the right choice. Here are top 6 bags that can be used by office goers.


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For years, professionals all over the word most commonly carry a briefcase. Its elegant appearance fits in perfectly with the corporate environment. This box-style case is popularly made of a leatherexterior with interiors that consist of compartments that are meant to hold all your important documents as well as your laptop. This type of bag is best suited for a formal office.

Laptop Bag:

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Just as the name suggests, the primary purpose of laptop bags is to carry a laptop. This bag uncomplicates storage for a lot of important work-related information besides just carrying your laptop, allowing you to carry your documents as well.These type of bags are usually carried in the hand with an option long handle for hands-free carrying. Laptop bags perfectly compliment the formal or semi-formal business look.


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It’s okay to carry a backpack as a grown man, it just has to be the right type. Backpacks are convenient, and the easiest to carry. They offer the most in terms of storage. Not to mention, most will come with compartments for specific things like laptops, phones, and tablets. Backpacks can be in natural or synthetic fabrics or even leather. Look for a backpack with muted, earthy colours for a neutral look. Depending on the type of material chosen, it can suit a semi-formal to casual office.

Messenger Bag:

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Completely different from the previous style, the messenger bag gets it name from the bag carried by courier men. This urban fashion essential is crafted in a way so they can be worn over one shoulder, crossbody or on one side. This design allows easy access to the bag’s large single compartment.The bag is usually made of cloth, natural or synthetic fibres, or leather. It’s convenient for carrying your office essentials since it’s easily expandable and can bear heavier items while maintaining the formal business look perfect for young professionals.

Sling Bag:

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A sling bag is actually a smaller version of the messenger bag. Popular among the youth, people love it for the easy casual look it bears. Professionals prefer leather sling bags instead of their fabric counterparts because of their elegant and corporate appearance. This type of bag suits casual and semi-formal offices.


Duffle Bag:

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We’ve seen celebrities frequently carrying these cylindrical luggage bags as an airport fashion statement. Have you ever wondered how you can include it in your office wear? Duffle bags are often used to carry a lot of things together at once, hence, making them more than apt for office goers who usually carry a bunch important documents, laptop, lunch box, mobiles phones, etc. We’ve recently seen duffle bags in real and faux leather that would look good in an office atmosphere.

The best part? You can also take this for a short overnight trip!
This type of bag can be carried in casual and semi-formal offices.

So there you have it! Those are our style tips on the best bags for office going men. Know that your bag can make or break your look for the day.

After you choose the style of bag, remember to choose neutral, muted colours as a work bag needs to show your professional side. Leave the loud colours and bells and whistles to casual and holiday bags where the fun side of your life is meant to be shown.

What would you like us to tell you next time? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to tell us what’s your favourite bag type!

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