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Fashion rules prevail, only to be broken.

Oxemberg Shop

The Oxemberg Exclusive Shop is a chain of retail outlets which meets consumer’s demand for attractive clothing.

What distinguishes Siyaram’s is the diversity in fabrics, patterns as well as the range of garments that are made available to the consumers. The formals present a perfect mix of solids, sharp stripes, checks and contemporary hues in line with the progressive corporate lifestyle. Being a premium men's clothing brand, Oxemberg's casual collections offer the best of the international styling and desired comfort, just to match the weekend and leisure mood. The smartly designed denims provide a variety of fit options which let you lounge with ease while the t-shirts are inspired by high-street fashion. Layer up with the exclusive line of cozy winter wear to fetch a classy look and retain utmost warmth throughout the day. You’re as likely to make a remarkable presence at a corporate meeting as you are at a ballroom party, with a diverse range of apparel from Oxemberg.

Don an Oxemberg outfit and make a mark, wherever you go.

To own an Oxemberg Exclusive Shop Franchise, all you need is:

An area of 500-1000 sq.ft. carpet in a strategic location (such as on a high street, in a mall or commercial complex) with good visibility, accessibility and frontage of a minimum 15 ft.

So, come and be a part of the legacy! Contact us for your Oxemberg Exclusive franchise shop today.

For further details, call or email:
Contact: 02230400700. EXT 170

The diversity in style intersects with your unique appeal.

About Siyaram's

Siyaram’s Silk Mills Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, committed to creating world-class fabrics for the fashion forward trendsetters.

For four decades now, their bespoke men’s wear fashion has been synonymous with high quality, continuous innovation and iconic futuristic designs which are local at heart and international in appeal.

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