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Siyaram’s announces ‘Textile Mahakumbh’

Siyaram’s announces ‘Textile Mahakumbh’ - Siyaram's

Siyaram’s, one of the leading textile brands in men’s fashion for over four decades, today announced the launch of its initiative ‘Textile Mahakumbh’, a unique concept that aims to bring together over 25,000+ retailers from across the country on a single-platform. Textile Mahakumbh is scheduled to be hosted on Saturday, 23rd May 2020 and will be Live streamed on YouTube. The event will bring together successful retailers from the textile industry to discuss the best practices to do the business and will focus on the shaping the future of retail business in the country through sharing their experiences and tips.

“We are proud to announce the Textile Mahakumbh for the first time in India which will provide a much needed opportunity for retailers to conduct their business seamlessly. Considering the current scenario and the immense challenges faced by the textile industry due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the whole chain from manufacturer to the retailers across India have suffered huge losses with activities coming to a standstill. There is a serious need for the entire retail community to share a common platform to plan the way forward and overcome the ongoing situation”, said Mr. Gaurav Poddar, President and Executive Director, Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd.

Retailers in India started feeling the heat immediately after the announcement of nation-wide lockdown in India and are still coping with a complete pause in their business. Textile Mahakumbh will create a platform where experienced retailers will share their knowledge to increase sales, profits, manage inventory and also help them make optimal use of digitalization. “We have always been committed to serve the retail community with an active voice of the problems faced by the sector. With Textile Mahakumbh, we hope to empower the retailers and motivate them to rise above the occasion with élan”, adds Mr. Poddar. Siyaram’s produces over 80 million meters of fabrics annually with diverse range of fabrics such as polyester, viscose, polyester cotton, 100% cotton, 100% wool, 100% linen, TR, etc with brands like Siyaram’s, J Hampstead, Cadini, Oxemberg and Mozzo to name a few. Siyaram’s is available across India and got deep retail network.